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Chemicals +
Raw Materials

Hundreds of quality items to choose from

Botanical Extracts + Oils Range

Almond Oil

Aloe Vera

Anise Oil

Avocado Oil

Camphor Oil

Castor Oil

Cedarwood Oil

Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Citronella Oil

Clove Oil

Cod Liver Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Fish Oil

Frankincense Oil

Ginger Oil

Grapefruit Oil

Jasmine Oil

Juniper Oil

Lavender Oil

Lemon Oil

Lemongrass Oil

Myrrh Oil

Neem Oil

Nutmeg Oil

Olive Oil

Orange Oil

Patchouli Oil

Peppermint Oil

Pine Oil

Rose Oil

Rosemary Oil

Sandalwood Oil

Seasame Oil

Spearmint Oil

Tangerine Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Thyme Oil

Valerian Root Oil

Vitamin E Oil

White Mineral Oil

Wintergreen Oil

Witch Hazel

Ylang Ylang Oil

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